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You can purchase your tickets in two ways: 

Directly at the entrance of the water park for a single amount of R$ 150.00 per person, with children up to 01 meter tall free of charge.


The promotional ticket  can be purchased at a discount, at a single price of R$ 100.00 per person, and children up to 1 meter tall also do not pay.

The ticket must be picked up at the entrance of the water park

The user may leave the water park at any time.

The park has kiosks and a restaurant for your consumption.

The entry of any kind of food is not allowed, except for feeding newborns or breastfeeding children.

Only water is allowed.


choice exclusions

For you director or teacher who wants to bring your students for a day of fun, request a quote and we will be happy to answer you

Thanks for sending!

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